Golden Cube General Trading Co.

Our aim is to start a country based start-up by analysing specific market needs inside of Gulf Contries countries. In every market we establish a clear and customizable distribution and price policy which is combined with Marketing investments from our side. Our aim is not to sell only, our aim is to build a brand ! Therefore we believe that the ROI ( Return on investment) will be earliest executed after a half year of working with our partners.


Golden Cube Trading Co. – We develop Brands in Kuwait & Gulf Countries by using our own risk capital- Golden Cube Trading Co. was created by results – oriented Management Professionals whose extensive experience and passion is all about building brands. Our objective is to give your bottom line that upward surge by deploying strategies that work!

We help companies and brands to explore opportunities, manage and sustain growth, and maximize revenue. We built brands by using our own finance capital and put an extensive focus on the brands we represent. Therefore we carefully check the potential of every brand we represent.

Are we a Distributor ?

No ! We agree in principle only in brands and products of which we are fully convinced by our self. We must be 100% excited in our partner’s products or service; therefore, we reject about 99% off all requests and carry only a maximum of 4 brands in our portfolio.

We are focused

We believe that the focus on a handful of brands will cause in success because we attach great importance to receive 100% identification of our employees.

We built brands !

We believe that building a brand is combined with many aspects of a distribution policy and Marketing aspects. Therefore we use our network of international PR and marketing agencies to reach a fast and satisfying turnover. Next to it we are key concentrated on the long term development of the brands we represent.

We are local but work global

We work internationally. Our office in Kuwait gives us the chance to be close to the market of our customers. Our staff is always present on site and knows the language, the culture, and business processes in perfection. Each staff member has at least 5 years + Experience. Our Company language is generally English.

We built and invest our own finance capital

The Golden Cube Trading Co. manages and develops with your partners’ scratch from the paper ideas to complex business development models in order to bring brands and products into specific markets. Our references prove us right that by concentrating on key areas for both partners mean long-term success. Our approach is to develop unique, customized and comprehensive strategies that deliver lasting results. We work worldwide and know the markets and potential channels. Our staff is global located in our branch offices in Kuwait, in Canada, India as well as in China. This guarantees us maximum flexibility. Our partners include top international distribution companies, Banks, retail channels and retailers and also the advertising-related industry.

We invest !

Golden Cube Trading Co. :  We add Value and invest in new emerging Business ideas and brands ! With an internationally composed Advisory Board consisting of  international top lawyers and business executives, we provide immediate and exclusive access. We bring intelligent solutions to the table, we implement state-of-the-art strategic tools, and we are people who really make a difference in your business. Our results turn visions into reality. This is how we create real value for our clients. We don’t believe in any border limits for growth. We connect them with our Motto: Connecting Countries

In our way of thinking, okay is not okay, and good is not good enough. Join us as we go way beyond the extra mile for you, to a place where there is little other traffic. A place where we have time and space to ponder the solutions you need. You won’t face any cookie cutters or clichés here. Only original, customized thinking you can revel in. While we transform your sales, your cooperate strategy, you marketing any many more, you will maximize your returns. We help you think and act like a world-class team.

We combine understanding of organizational processes with rigorous analysis to unlock a company’s full potential.We serve top clients on challenging assignments in the global market.We combine European roots with pragmatism and entrepreneurial spirit.

Instead of giving advises what to do, we lend a hand, and are part or your team.